CDs and DVDs

Unable make it to yoga class this week? No biggie – just make a point to stock up on the meditation and home yoga practice CD’s and DVD’s offered here, so that you always have a way to flow with Being Yoga! A dedicated home practice on DVD or CD is not only convenient when you are short on time; it helps you cultivate a strong sense of self discipline, one of the eight limbs of yoga termed niyama, in Sanskrit. Presented to you is an outstanding collection of High Definition audio and video media on CD or DVD, developed by the founder of Being Yoga, Vanessa Rudge. Vanessa is internationally recognized as one of Australia’s leading Vinyasa yoga teachers, and she shares with you a dynamic series showcasing her wealth of knowledge, alignment principals and abounding grace in a variety of flowing sequences, suitable for beginners to advanced level yoga practitioners alike. Also offered is a special Vinyasa Yoga Class DVD to be used as a nurturing accompaniment for the journey through pregnancy. The collection of high quality video and audio CD’s and DVD’s beautifully capture the essence and core of the Being Yoga Philosophy and are a perfect addition to any devoted yogi’s home yoga practice collection.